Working Relationships. In Their Own Words:

From Jeff Nichols , director: Mud (2012), Midnight Special (2016) and Loving (2016), on his work with Isaac as a Location Scout on Loving:

"Isaac Regelson helped us with scouting for Loving, which was shot in and around the Richmond area. There were a handful of locations he played a crucial role in helping us find, but one in particular sticks out in my mind. We needed a rural boarding house for a scene in the early 1960's. Isaac found us a house that oddly, was in the middle of a new housing subdivision near Richmond. However, inside this subdivision was a pristine, late 1800's boarding house surrounded by just enough land to still photograph like it was in the middle of the country. It was the perfect solution for a location we had struggled to find in a fairly large net cast out across Virginia. To me, this shows Isaac's ability to find treasure, sometimes right under your nose. We felt lucky to have his help and expertise."

From Jean Achache , assistant director and director, known for Coup de torchon (1981), A Sunday in the Country (1984) and Un Soir Au Club (2009) on his work with Isaac as Producer on The Byrd: A Love Affair (2015):

"After working with Isaac for a couple of days, I started to call him "The Lord Mayor of Richmond". There's not a street he doesn't know. And it's not only where it is, but also, who lives and has lived there and what is the story of each building and of almost every person in town. Not a place where you stop where Isaac doesn't start by waving at someone, or meeting someone that he knows closely. He hugs a lot!

This very private knowledge of his hometown gives him the ability to always propose a location that no one else would think about. A rough description of something you saw passing by through the windows of the car is enough for him to recognize the place and take you swiftly there. He is the first one on location (of course) and seems to have been talking to the whole neighborhood for years before you actually start to work.

And guess what ... He smiles all the time, even for the strange and unexpected idea you come up with on the day of the shoot. I would not consider working without him in Richmond and anywhere else in Virginia (I will ask him about the rest of the US). If he says he can do it, I know I can trust him."

From award winning writer/director Claude Miller , director: Betty Fisher et autres histoires (2001), La Petite Lili (2003), Un secret (2007), Marching Band (2009) and producer Annie Miller , producer: Betty Fisher et autres histoires (2001), La Petite Lili (2003), Les Seins de ma prof d'anglais (2004), Marching Band (2009). On their work with Isaac as Production Manager (Regis) for Marching Band:

"Solutions rapides, jamais ordinaires, Isaac Regelson ajoute à son professionnalisme efficace la créativité des très bons techniciens. Sa connaissance profonde de la Virginie, un sens peu commun du relationel mélé à un humour irrésistible, optimisent une collaboration sérieuse et unique. Nous recherchons un projet à tourner en Virginie pour retravailler avec cet homme là."


"Quick solutions, never ordinary, Isaac Regelson adds professionalism, effective creativity with that of a very good technician. His profound knowledge of Virginia, his uncommon sense of relationship mixed with an irresistable humor, optimizes a serious and unique collaboration. We are looking forward to the next Virginia project to work with him once again ."

From Richard Kelly , director: Donnie Darko (2001), Southland Tales (2006), The Box (2009).

"Isaac Regelson was our Richmond Location Scout for The Box. He helped us navigate four days of extensive visual effects plate photography for the film, using a the Red 4K digital camera system. During post-production he did extensive visual research, finding historical photographs from the city, helping our visual effects artists digitally transform streets and buildings back to 1976 with meticulous accuracy."

From Jeff Wadlow , director: Cry_Wolf (2005), Never Back Down (2008), Kick Ass II (2013), on his work with Isaac as Location scout for Cry_Wolf:

"As soon as you learn that Isaac Regelson's childhood hobby was exploring abandoned buildings, you know this guy was born to be a location scout. Passionate and professional, Isaac had multiple options for just about every location I needed. I did, however, stump him when I requested a very specific kind of indoor pool, but Isaac searched day and night... and found exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for the best places to shoot in Virginia, first you've got to find that best location scout... and that's Isaac Regelson."